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Telescopic Dentures

Hi, my name is Dr Axel Drews and I would love to tell you about Telescopic Dentures.

But first: have you been offered dentures, or have them already fitted? Do they rub, are they uncomfortable? Does the thought of implant surgery make you anxious, or have you been denied implants due to a medical condition?

Telescopic dentures may be the answer. The gold standard in Germany for over 50 years, they provide the perfect alternative to traditional dentures, but without the expense and most importantly, the surgery, that comes with dental implants.

I have been delighted to restore happy and healthy smiles with telescopic dentures for years, and as one of the few dentists in the UK to offer this procedure, have the experience to give you fantastic outcomes and a happy, healthy smile.

So, what exactly are they?

State of the art, cosmetic dentures which are clasp-free. The only condition required is that you need to have some teeth remaining because we need to anchor the dentures on to your remaining teeth. In most cases it can be designed to leave the palette free of material which normally has significant influence on the ability to speak and taste, meaning that unlike traditional dentures, it wont affect taste or speech.

So, what are the advantages over dentures?

Well, telescopics are a better fit, better aesthetically, better for your speaking, better for tasting food. It’s also future proof as it covers all the teeth. 

And the advantages over implants?

Well, no surgery is required. Telescopics are easier to repair and maintain.

Your happy and healthy smile is our mission. So if you are considering a restorative procedure, book a FREE consultation with me today on 0131 331 1344 to find out more, because telescopic dentures may just be for you.  

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